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Tube collection: collections of our members

The members below have uploaded their own images to the tube models pages and have thereby created their own personal pages at Click the blue Info button for more information. This display of personal collections is our thanks to those members for their work. You can also find them listed early in Google searches. Try entering their first and last names in This service allows a page to be built easily and painlessly. Personal pages recently created (within several days) are in bold and do not yet appear in Google.

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Abfalterer, Eduard (I) (76) Almagro-Lopez, Juan (E) (1) Artuso, Francesco (I) (15)
Abian-Moñux, Joaquin (E) (1) Aluffi, Pier Antonio (I) (94) Arzoomanian, Leonard (USA) (2)
ADAM, Christian (F) (254) Alves, Carlos (P) (2) Astolfi, Marcello (I) (853)
ADAM, Dieter (D) (9) Amaglio, Luigi (I) (6) Attard-Baldacchino, Marcel (M) (2)
Adnadevic, Perica (RS) (19) Amann, Martin (A) (1) Aufils, Raynal (F) (244)
Adolfsen, Matti (FIN) (1) Amaro-Barneto, José Rafael (E) (3) Aust, Roland (D) (2)
Afanasyev, Dmitry (UA) (1) Amarra, Alexey (RUS) (5) Baetsen, Charles (CDN) (7)
Agrosi, Mauro (I) (3) Amberger, Hans (D) (3) Bakar, Abu (MAL) (5)
Ahlrichs, Norbert (F) (1) Amend, Jochen (D) (74) Baldan, Gabriele (I) (1)
Ahrend, Walter (D) (5) Amiot, Patrice (F) (1) Baldi † 2017, Salvatore (I) (1)
Aichner, Simon Peter (I) (1) Ammendola, Alberto (I) (125) Balestra, Gian-Fausto (CH) (5)
Alatalo, Pasi (FIN) (1) Anderson, Larry (USA) (36) Banach, Paweł (PL) (135)
Albergati, Alessandro (I) (2) Anderssen, Thomas (FIN) (2) Bandzi, Joe (USA) (1)
Albinarrate, Javier (RA) (3) Andersson, Kenneth (S) (1) Baranov, Nikolaj (LV) (33)
Albion, John (CDN) (227) Antal, Tom (AUS) (10) Barkawitz, Dieter (D) (8)
Albrecht, Thomas (USA) (6) Antolini, Franco (I) (119) Barker, David (USA) (1)
Alho, Hannu (FIN) (472) Antonelli, Pierre (CH) (9) Baronfeind † ?.4.16, Gabor (H) (1)
Allen, Dale (USA) (2) Arlt, Gerhard (D) (1) Barta, Rudolf (A) (4)
Allen, Ernest (USA) (1) Arlt, Wolfgang (D) (7) Barteczek, Walter (D) (9)
Allen, John (CDN) (20) Armellin, Luca (I) (1) Bartel, Rolf-Bernd (D) (1)
Allsopp, Clint (USA) (1) Arnaud, Pascal (CH) (2) Barth, Dieter (D) (3)
Result: 1 to 63 from 1341
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Keyword radio collection in the Radiomuseum, the virtual radio catalog for the German-speaking countries. The basic question was: What use is an individual radio collection if you do not display it? The answer is to bring it to Then you can simply tell your friends: «Type my name in Google and you'll see.»


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